Quick Update

June 27, 2001|

Quick Update

I wanted to give a quick update for some of you who haven’t been to the site in awhile. I try to update every two weeks.

Next Tuesday (July 3rd) I go in for my next appointment. It will probably be the same old (“Let’s wait and see…”) but that’s better than the alternative. Look for a July 4th update.

One of the most asked questions is where will I be living next month (being that my lease in Manhattan is up and we didn’t renew). For the next two months I will be hanging out in Brooklyn, chillin’ in a majorly cool brownstone (think Cosby’s)two blocks from the Prospect Park, directly across the street from the Methodist Hospital ER, and a block from a giant Barnes and Noble. What more could you ask for? I will be living with two co-workers who are great guys and filmmakers on the side. Dining room? Who needs a dining room? We’re going to have a giant editing bay! I can just envision the music videos we can make… 🙂 In the meanwhile, if you want to send mail, just send it to my Ohio address.

The Wedding Adventure

I know I probably shouldn’t be telling you all of these stories, but I can’t help it.

To begin my younger brother Frank got married to his college sweetheart Heather last Saturday in eastern Connecticut. A lot transpired, mostly (if not all) on our side of the family. First, cousin Amy gets stranded in DC because of bad weather. Than Uncle Mickey gets a little too excited at Foxwoods Casino, has a few chest pains, and the next thing you know he’s in the ER. His heart medication had expired and wasn’t working. Unfortunately he missed the wedding and reception, but he is doing fine now.

Next my youngest brother Billy is going to France to study abroad for a month. Billy, not the most detailed-oriented individual, didn’t realize he would have to be in France on Sunday. Therefore, as soon as the Frank and Heather cut the cake, my parents grabbed Grandma and Billy, loaded them in the rental Montero Sport and headed back to JFK airport to get Billy on his plane by 9:50pm. (They made it with 2 and 1/2 hours to spare and Billy is there doing quite well).

Lastly, and probably the best of the stories, was the weather. It was so hot, even at 10am when the ceremony took place. So I was sweating like a hog in my tux (c’mon, I have a damaged lymph system and a brand new immune system that doesn’t always work great!), but Frank was really sweating. He wasn’t nervous or anything, it was just really hot. So after the minister pronounces them man and wife, Frank and Heather scurry down the aisle, Frank with his gaze fixed downward. They get to the end of the sanctuary, Frank whispers to Heather (we have all of this on video btw) and then drags her down the hall. He then runs into the bathroom and yaks his brains out. Heather wheels around, looks at the camera, and giggles, hands over mouth. You’ve got to see it.

Moral of the story:

Have a good breakfast and drink lots of water before you wedding ceremony. Art’s personal lesson: I definitely getting married in a fall or winter month, that’s contingent upon a.) finding someone to marry and b.) her wanting to getting married in the fall (“Uh,yes dear, sure we can get married in August, uh, yes ma’am… :)”)

Anyway, Frank washed up and went right back out to the receiving line. The rest of the day went great, it didn’t rain and all is happy in Canningland (I have a sister-in-law, how weird!) You can e-mail Frank and congratulate himat yakko2564@aol.com.

Other Than That…

…nothing much going on. Working hard at work, summer is our busiest month. On the weekends I get to enjoy the City. I can’t believe I am writing this, but the City has kinda grown on me. If I end up having to leave to do more treatments someplace else, I will miss New York City. 🙁

Stay in touch, look for an update next week!


June 14, 2001|


Here’s the latest update. I just got back from my doctor’s appointment at Sloan Kettering. Lymph node on neck – getting smaller. Left leg – still the same. No symptoms to report. All in all, still in a major holding pattern. Even more so than two weeks ago. Could things be, dare I say it, improving?

What to make of it all

I don’t what to make of this latest installment. I thought for sure we would do a biopsy in the near future. Nope, can’t do one, nodes too small. (Can’t biopsy a leg- not an option). I thought for sure we would be starting some sort of treatment either here or in Ohio during the month of June and July. That doesn’t look like it is going to happen either! Go figure!

What’s next

Well first and foremost is “The Celebration” on Friday, June 15th (see May posting for definition of “The Celebration”). Next weekend my brother Frank gets married. Next week I move out of my apartment (where am I moving to, don’t know yet, send any mail to my Ohio address- 424 Glacierview Dr. Youngstown, Ohio 44509)

Next appointment is July 3rd. Look for an update around then.

More stories on the way I promise – actually here’s a cool one that I haven’t mentioned.

The mysterious, late package

In the middle of May I received this funny looking package from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. It was a big bulky envelope. I thought it was a x-ray or some medical thing. I sliced it open with my handy key chain Leatherman (thanks Greg! That was the best usher gift I guy could get!) In it was an envelope dated January 25th, 2001. I eagerly opened the second envelope when out dropped an 8″x10″ photo. I looked at the photo. There was an autograph on it. “TO ART, BEST OF LUCK, (gibberish, terrible handwriting).” I looked at the number on the jersey of the player and realized it was number 66, none other than MARIO LEMIEUX!

It seems that somehow, someone, during my benefit contacted the Penguins for some memorabilia to auction off. In the process Mario (the owner of the Pens) must have caught wind and signed it (mind you this is all before this comeback as a player). SO COOL! Thought you might like that tidbit.

More on the way, keep in touch, don’t be afraid to e-mail, don’t be afraid to pray.