Bone Marrow? What’s The Deal?

July 18, 2001|

Bone Marrow? What’s The Deal?

Everyone has been asking me about what are the results of the bone marrow test that my brothers and I took a few weeks back. I include the following transcript from an e-mail from legendary Youngstown hoopster “Ground” Chuck Guerrieri:

“Did the doctor give any indication or idea what he’s going to do next. If you need bone marrow,you better get Frankie to donate his now before it get’s all polluted from marriage and I’m not sure Billy has any, he only weighs 63 pounds. You want some he-man marrow, let me know. Italian marrow will put a little hair on your chest but it might look funny with the sissy clothes you wear. Keep in touch.”

A Lil’ Billy Inside Art

Ladies and gentleman, the results are in. Coming as no surprise to those who know me, and know Frank, we didn’t match up at all. Not one factor matched. But Billy, he’s somewhat of a cross between myself and Frank- maybe he would match, maybe?

When the results came back, he did, on 5 out of 6 factors. Therefore if I need to do BMT, Billy’s the man. Scary to think I would have little Billy’s creeping and crawling in me. My first thought when I heard the news was the my bone marrow (in typical big sibling fashion) would kick the crap out of Billy’s bone marrow in WWF-fashion. I hope that doesn’t happen…

So what does all of these mean? It means that if I need a BMT, I have a potential donor. Being a donor is not that difficult and requires little time and effort. He just has to sit still for four or five hours, which I think Billy has the patience to do.

At my latest appointment, same old, same old, have to wait and see what to do next. I guess my current lesson from the Big Guy is a lesson in patience.

Otherwise, everything is cool here in the Big Apple. Been busy at work and hanging out. I will be home in Ohio the last weekend of July to see everyone. Give me a yell to hang. More on the way…

Latest News

July 9, 2001|

Latest News

Sorry nothing new to report from my latest doctor’s appointment on July 3rd. Same old answer, “looking fine, blood tests look good, lymph node on neck same size…we’ll have to wait and see.” This week or next we should find out about whether or not my brothers and I have a bone marrow match. I am not exactly sure what will happen if we do, or if we don’t. I guess that is for a later posting.

Other than that, enjoying Brooklyn life (so much more chill than Manhattan life!) and getting settled into the new digs. Had a roof-top American party on July 4th (we bought $90 worth of KFC, had red, white and blue sprinkled Krispy Kremes, watermelon…American fare to the max) Went to the Hamptons on Saturday, beautiful beaches, amazing properties.

Next doctor’s appointment is July 24th, coming home to Ohio for the weekend of July 27-29th, e-mail me to hang out.