A Strong Foundation

March 27, 2003|

A Strong Foundation

Thanks to all who contributed, volunteered, and attended the Art Canning Foundation Dinner two weeks ago. We had an absolutely awesome time. I don’t have exact numbers of attendance or how much we raised. I am close to sure we cleared over a 1000 people throughout the day. Checks are still rolling in, which I can’t believe, thank you so much. We also just received another shipment of books in. Where There’s a Will, There’s a Web site went fast. In the next few months we’ll figure out some way to sell them over this web site. Again thanks to all. Pictures tell much more than I can write, so as I get more pictures I’ll put them up.


I have been incredbly fatigued lately, which is why I haven’t written anything in two months. Yesterday I received two transfusions, which have helped. Otherwise, my hemoglobin, the part of the blood that brings oxygen to the blood, is very low- not sure why. It takes triple the energy to get most anything done nowadays. You can see it in the pictures, I look beat. Anyway, just asking for a little grace if I am slow to write on this site or e-mails.

Tomorrow I am off to New York for a check up and a few tests to monitor the T-cells progress. Nothing exciting. Anyway, I hope to somehow get my energy restored in order to write more. Later.