October 21, 2000

October 21, 2000|


After analyzing the viewing statistics for artcanning.com I have discovered a few startling trends. I will only write about the most interesting -everyone is going straight to the pictures! The pictures are getting WAY more hits than the updates! Who wants to read anyway! Who cares what Art writes, let’s only see what he looks like! J

To address this “problem,” I will add more pictures. If you have any great pictures, send them along to me and we will put them up!

980 2nd Ave.

Apt. 2A

New York, NY 10022


Last week was an adventurous week. Not really. It was more of a test-filled information gathering week. Not much excitement. At least not for me anyway. My mom, well, that’s another story…

It ended up that Dr. Moskowitz wanted to do about million tests. So last week I spent almost everyday at Memorial Sloan Kettering getting every test known to man and doctor. EKG, Gallium Scan, CT Scan…just to name a few. In addition, I met my surgeon, Dr. Kevin Conlon and went through surgery pre-testing.

I don’t have any of the results just yet. That will all come in two weeks when exactly everything will come to light. Before that though, I still have one more test, another biopsy. This is going to be a cool test though- I mean you can’t beat getting put under for an afternoon.

The Dealio

This biopsy is going to be pretty cool, I actually wish I were awake to see it being preformed, even though it might hurt. Thursday, Dr. Conlon is going to make a little slit under my belly button. From there is going to insert carbon dioxide and blow up my belly. Next he will insert a 5mm camera into the incision and look around for some large and funny looking lymph nodes. Once he finds one, he will remove it and send it to the labs for analysis. Then all of us will know exactly what we are dealing with down there.

Mr. Ibuprofen

Before then, I will be going to work and doing the semi-normal routine. Because of the surgery I will not be allowed to have any aspirin or ibuprofen, as it thins the blood (which is not a good thing during surgery). This is not a good thing, as I rely on ibuprofen as my basis painkiller for my back. Without it, I have discovered this weekend, that my back hurts a lot more. I have much stronger painkillers (narcotics at that!), but they don’t do the job like good ol’ Advil. I look forward to Friday and resuming my Advil addiction J

DeeDee’s Adventure in Manhattan

As for my mom’s excitement- she ended up staying the whole week here in New York, and she had a blast. She had sushi for the first time (and was ready to bring it home with her before realizing it would spoil on the flight home), went to Macy’s for the first time, explored Midtown Manhattan, got her favorite singer’s autograph (Audra McDonald) at an exclusive Tower Records signing, had a giant bowl of soup at the famous Carnegie Deli, made brownies and cleaned my apartment like 25 times. You would think she wouldn’t have time to take care of me, but she did.

Straight from the Doctor’s Pad

For those looking for the exact cause of back pain, here is the note from the doctor at the emergency room:

“The exact MRI of lumbarseral spine revealed lymphomatous involvement of L1 and L2 vertebral bodies, no spinal cord involvement. Small disc herniation at L5/S junction.”

More information on the way, have a great week!

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