Still Almost

January 17, 2001|

Still Almost

The hardest days are here and I never would have thought. After sailing through the past week, it hit me. Mad bowel issues. Let’s just say I was the only 22-year-old Wall Streeter who wore Depends for any extended time. It was (as still is) horrible running to the bathroom every half hour. This was all expected the docs said, caused by all the antibiotics catching up to my system. All I wanted these past few days was for someone to hold me and reassure me. That’s why mom’s here. I dunno what I would do without her. It has been extremely difficult, and the light at the end has gotten farther away it seems. I am just being transparent like I always try to be, not sugar coating this experience. I can BS everyone, tell’em I’m fine and pull out some inspirational words. Its too tough now. I don’t have the energy to respond to email. I can’t take phone calls. Its rough, man. This is a battle and a true test of wills and perseverance. I only pray I can finish this race.


The prayers have been working and God has really helped me out. I just ask you to pray for healing this time. Healing for March. Praying that the Holy Spirit would knock out every single cancer cell. It’s hard sometimes to believe that this will work, despite the incredible odds in my favor. Pray that I can believe

The Banquet

Here’s is the latest report from chairpersons Boss Ross and Penny Wells:

At any rate I’m glad you got the article. I attached it to an email on Thursday when it came out. I hope you liked it. I sent it to Vince Guerrieri as well and I mused that I certainly wished he had written it. While it was great – full of good news – I believe that the writer Diane Murphy didn’t catch your passion – a key element. Oh well – I know it is there.

Just to let you know that your ears had to be ringing (must be what caused you fever to go so high) on Sunday, Father Madden (at the local very extremely popular monastery) spoke about you to EVERY “attendee” over the weekend and they will surely support the dinner. He passed out about 1,000 copies of the flyer I wrote so all will certainly pray. I am only sorry that you won’t be at the dinner – it will be so much fun – sorry you are missing Connection every 1/2 hr and just about every one you ever knew or maybe wanted to know – we will all be there – (French teacher) Mrs. McNamara is doing cakes, 100 to be exact – collecting, baking, getting kids to help serve them – bake selling the leftovers – (Guidance Counselors) Mr. Keenan and Mr. Papa are dishwashing – imagine that – (English Teacher) Sue Conner is in charge of gambling – better known as 50/50 – (Guidance Counselor) Kathy Murdock is bringing the entire Key Club to bus tables – (family friend and Italian hoops legend and Art “Adversary”) Chuck Guerrieri is spending the day and doing whatever mundane task that Penny and I ask of him – rumor has it that he will auction the right to shave his head at 7:00pm – I only wish for one thing – that you could be there – all kinds of people signed up for shifts to do every conceivable job. Penny Wells and I have just about covered everything. Marthella Allen and Mrs. Lorenzi are handling the food end – thank God it’s not me on that front – Schwebel’s donated 10 loaves of bread. IGA donated 8 sheet cakes – lots of people are selling tickets galore – donations are coming in large and small from people you know well and from people whom you have never met. Tons of people have gone to your web site just to admire your courage. Have i spoken enough?? Loudly??? Art, you are truly an example of someone who can move them there mountains – bring out the best in people. God bless.

I wish I could be there to see Chuck get his head shaved! (to persuade him, e-mail Ground Chuck at, he’ll be glad to hear from you :).

I also just got word, which is why I am getting so many e-mails, that my friends at my old radio station in Youngstown (Hot 101) have been making announcements about it.

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