April 4, 2001|


I will be home on Friday night, April 6th, for my second benefit. The students of Chaney High School are having a wake-a-thon to raise money for some of my extra expenses (travel, perscriptions, a new 2001 Yellow Nissan X-Terra, etc.) The students will be locked in the school starting around 8pm with faculty and parents, and will not be able to leave until 8am the next morning. There will be a dance, a talent show, and much more. Heck, if these kids can do this, so can I, so I will be with them along the entire way. I will be returning to New York City on Sunday afternoon. If you want to reach me, e-mail me at, or call my cell phone. Thanks to all those participating and the rest of you who are praying. Check out the prayer calendar when you get a chance. It’s amazing!

Despite some new pains in my leg and my right side, I am very encouraged. My down days are significantly being toppled by up days. No matter what happens, I am going to be taken care of. I have learned that lesson already. Sometimes I just need reminded of it. On top of that, I realized that there is nothing to fear, nothing to worry about. I need never worry, I know the ending to this chapter in the story of my life. It’s already been written. Let’s go and fulfill it now 🙂

UPDATE: After attending a healing prayer service at my church ( on Monday, it came to me that for us to seeanything happen, we need a lot more prayer. The service helped tremendously, spiritually, emotionally and physically. But more isneeded. Therefore, we are starting the prayer calendar up again for the next three weeks! Please sign up, there is no limit to how manycan be on a day or how many days you want to sign up. This is crunchtime! BELIEVE! Let’s show science what’s up!


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