“Situation In Flux”

April 17, 2001|

“Situation In Flux”

Here’s the latest news from today’s appointment (I’ll go into analysis later on in the week): – Overall, everything is still up in the air. We don’t know what is going on, truthfully, so we have to wait and see what materializes.

– Lymph node on neck didn’t show up on scans (very good thing). It may be Hodgkin’s, but we are not sure. For now we don’t know what it is.

– MRI showed that disease on spine is improving greatly (good thing).

– CT Scan showed disease in the lungs is improved (very good thing).

– CT Scan showed something (he didn’t know what it was) on the bottom of my right lung. Some kind of inflammation, maybe. It is under observation.

– CT Scan showed great improvement on bottom of the spine (good thing), which was the major problem child. There still is at least scar tissue there and some other damage which is probably causing nerve compression which is causing my leg pain (hence my gimp). It may sometime require surgery to fix those verterbrae, but once again, we have to wait and see.

– In a month I am going in to receive a PET Scan, which is the newest and most sensitive scan. That scan will be really important as to what happens next.

What this all means…

I was expecting the worst. I mean the absolute worst. This report, even though not the greatest of reports, was the best news I could have heard.When Dr. Moskowitz was telling about the improvement, I could only help but think of the past three weeks and the tremendous outpouring of prayer. Keep it up! It’s my only hope. Like I said, I will write more later in the week. Thanks again. The adventure is only beginning…

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