Downloading the Flux

April 24, 2001|

Downloading the Flux

I was totally expecting the worst coming into Tuesday. So was my doctor. So were my parents. I have all of the symptoms of having it come back. To me it is just inconcievable that the scans came out so good. I can’t understand it. I tried for three days to figure out what happened, and I didn’t come up with any answers. True, we need to wait and see in a few more weeks, but I have a feeling the answer will come out the same.

I can tell you what I thought occurred. As I received the news from Dr. Moskowitz about how things are healing, but we still have some unknowns, all I could think was that we are praying away this disease. It was the first thing that popped in my mind. “We prayed it away, it came back and we prayed it away…” That’s the only explanation I have. Could it be a miracle? That’s for time to tell and for yourself to ask. All I know is that you all stepped up your prayers, stepped up on the prayer calendar, stepped up your fasting, etc- and look what happened. It is hard for me to believe that this is a corollary relationship. There has to be causation relationship here.

Those were by far the two hardest weeks of my life, especially when the node on my neck appeared. The emotional toll of contemplating how to live the remaining years of your own life is beyond words. I am only thankful that for now that is no longer a concern of mine. So please keep up your prayers. Ain’t much that medical science can do now. It’s up to us.

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