September 11, 2001|


I am sure you have all heard the news of the going ons here in lower Manhattan. First and foremost, as of 4:25pm 3 of 4 roommates are accounted for. Last night my co-workers held a dinner in my honor and we were out late last night karaoking. Trac, roommate 1, was a little hung over and didn’t make it out of the apartment until 9:30am. By that time the subways weren’t running normally and he got diverted back home.

Patrick, roommate 2, had a doctor’s appointment three blocks from the world trade center at 9:30am. He was there for all of the drama, narrowly escaping being enveloped in by the smoke and debris, outrunning it all the way to the east side and then running uptown. He just got home 20 minutes ago.

Dan, roommate 3, is unaccounted for. He works about 4 blocks from the WTC. No word on him, as our cell phones are not working here in the city.

I slept in till 9:45am. I woke up and tried to use my cell phone to check voicemail. The network was busy, tipping me off to something unusual happening. Before jumping into the shower I turned on the TV and was dumbfounded at the reports. I immediately went climbed to the roof and was overcome by smoke and debris. We live about 5 miles from lower Manhattan, but have an incredible view of the skyline. All you could see was smoke covering the skyline. It was like out of a movie.

Last report was that my building, which is on the east side, on the opposited end of the island, was under lock down at 11am. no word on my co-workers yet. No word on friends who work in the building and area.

I am still aghast at the situation. I can’t fathom the new skyline. I can’t take how many people have become casualties. I am going to try to drive home as soon as I can, doing the biopsy and treatment in Youngstown/Cleveland.

Please pray for all involved. I will try to keep you posted on the latest news. Unfortunately I don’t have my computer or a normal phone line. Cell phones aren’t working well. I can check email on my palm, but I don’t think it sends email out. best way to find out what is happening is to contact my parents ( Thank you and be safe.

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