“Dr. Boulad, Oh my Dr. Boulad, He makes me feel better, he works at Sloan Kettering”

March 11, 2002|

“Dr. Boulad, Oh my Dr. Boulad, He makes me feel better, he works at Sloan Ketter—-ing”

Saturday, oh, Saturday, quite the bittersweet day. While I was ecstatic to be leaving the confines of room 506, I also was somewhat sad to depart the comfort and safety of the Peds floor. Friday the stir-craziness had reached its peak though. All of my material possessions were sent back to the Ronald McDonald House down the street, leaving me just my guitar and the TV. Averse to having to watch anything other than “Seinfeld” or “The Simpsons,” I sat down and composed more songs, Adam Sandler-style. The attending physician, Dr. Boulad, now has a theme song. So does Dr. Joe, the attending Fellow. At 7:45pm, the world (actually Peds floor) premier hit the streets, as I was persuaded to let all of the nurses and aides hear it over the intercom. Judging by the fact I was let out the next afternoon indicated to me the response of the song. Hmm…

Actually, in all seriousness, things went way better than I (or they) could have ever expected and that’s why I was released. The song thing may have just put it over the top. 🙂

I was released in supposed record time, 26 days- two weeks earlier than planned. I had one fever the entire time. And even that wasn’t really a fever. It was more a reaction to having a room temperature Ensure not sit well or stay in my stomach. While last week was rough, it was nothing compared to anything I had experienced with my previous transplant. I now know what it feels like to have allergies for the first time. Itchy eyes, runny nose, ugh. And the rash, well it’s there, but doesn’t really cause discomfort. The only thing that really is bothering me is lack of sleep. Even now, out of the hospital, I haven’t been able to sleep for more than 40 minutes at a time. I think all of the chemicals and Billy’s cells are just working overtime. If that’s the worse I got, I’ll take it any day.

I must give a big thanks to all of the many nurses, doctors and aides on the Peds floor who made my stay so comfortable, enjoyable and fun. I truly was sad to leave. Thankfully, once I get better, I can always go back and volunteer in someway, seeing all those great folks again. I will have more fun pictures up tonight. The pictures always tell a better story than I could ever write.

What Happened and What’s Next…

I just realized I have so much to write. There are so many stories, so many insights, and so much new health information to pass along that I could be here all day writing. Indeed, this update could very well be a book in itself. Judiciously, I would rather let everyone know that I am out and doing well rather than have you waiting for three days to know my story. So let me end it at that. I promise, barring any freak health incidents, to have more written later in the week. For now, enjoy the pictures and stay away from room temperature Ensures.

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