June 7, 2002

June 7, 2002|

It has been two weeks since I last wrote. While I would like to fill you on all the various stories- eating Big Macs, locking myself in the Ronald McDonald House laundry room, pining over vendor hot dogs, relearning the intricacies of driving in Manhattan, assembling IKEA furniture, making snow cones, getting my first haircut at SuperCuts, etc.- I realize I would not be able to do justice to all of the various adventures. Therefore I will write a more substantial update later on this week.

I also will have more details on my latest PET and CT Scans. The PET Scan, I am happy to report came back normal…as in normal activity…as in no lymphatic activity…as in no cancerous activity. Quite a shock for me, I am still not sure what to make of it. The CT Scan came back the same from two months ago. The PET is the more senstive scan showing cellular activity while the CT just shows unusual masses. We’ll stick on that level of technical analysis for now.

More coming later this week…

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