Health Update

January 16, 2004|

Health Update

There are good days and bad days. There are good weeks and there are bad weeks. There are good months and bad months. Every one is different. And they seem to fly by at breakneck speed. I can’t believe it is January. I can’t believe it is 2004. Geez, it’s been 4 years since I first was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease. I remember all of it, except for those times when I was morphined up, like it was yesterday.

Here’s a quick recap of the past few months. I felt pretty good in October, well enough to make a trip to New York City to see all of my friends. It was such a great time. November struck with vengeance, as my left leg swelled up to twice the size of my right, for no apparent reason. I couldn’t walk very much, so I was pretty much stuck at home. In December the leg went down and my hearing came back to somewhat normal. Unfortunately the effects of the Gemzar chemotherapy drug were wearing off and I started having severe pain again. We switched chemo drugs, which proved to be a good move. The pain subsided and the swollen node on the side of my neck shrunk. I was able to move about more and get out of the house. Going to the mall never was so exciting.

Literally over night in late December I was ambushed. I started having trouble breathing. A rash formed on my neck. A wicked cold virus attacked my body. After further review, my blood counts had gotten very low and my immune system was compromised from the new chemo. The cold virus coupled with already damaged lungs has made breathing almost impossible. As I write, I am hooked up to an oxygen pump 24-7 to help me breathe. My resting pulse is 125 bpm. I can’t walk but a few steps without getting winded. My doctor here in Youngstown believes I am only working off of half of my right lung based upon x-rays and other tests. And oh year, the rash ended up being shingles. Hit on three fronts, ouch.

That’s where I stand right now. We’ve postponed any more chemo until we get these three monsters under control. It’s been extremely frustrating dealing with all of this. I never know when something new will strike and for how long I’ll have to deal with it. It’s tough and it’s getting tougher. I could use a break. I really could use a break.

I’ll try and keep you updated.


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