April 5, 2000

April 5, 2000|

Hi everyone!

I don’t have much of an update since I last wrote two weeks ago. Not much has changed on my front. Slowly but surely the hair is falling out (I think next week will be the week to go with the “stone cold” look) and my arms are getting sore from the IVs, but other than that everything is doing well. Last week I went in for my chemo and got the usual blood work. The docs said my red and white counts were unusually high, especially for going through chemo. Personally, I think all of those prayers are working. But that’s just my opinion 😉 On the other front, I got a chance to give my story to large audience on Tuesday afternoon outside. I have attached these web articles from our school newspaper to give you a little different perspective:




But basically, last year I was a chair for JesusWeek here at Penn, this year I was a “senior consultant”, basically helping the younger folks out with strategic and bigger picture issues. It so fun to tell people what to do- and not actually have to do the work! 🙂 That’s what I wanna be when I grow up!

But anyway, there was a huge marketing event, called “i agree with kris” and basically what it was was everyone saying they agree with the message this footplayer Kris Ryan had to say. And his message was the Gospel. There were signs everywhere on campus only saying “I agree with Kris”, the whole campus was thrown into confusion. Finally two hundred some odd students on Monday wore shirts that said ‘i agree with kris’ on the front and “do you?” on the back. then signs went up that said go to college green on tuesday at 4:30pm to find out.

So Kris, another girl, and myself all were invited to talk. It sprinkled, yet that did not damped the spirits of the estimated 225 folks who came out. I thought there were more, personally, but the crowd was a diverse mix of white, black, asian, hispanic, heterosexuals, homosexuals, jews, christians, everything! it was amazing!

So I talked last about my battle with cancer and how God has proved it to me how he existed, and that he could do the same for you if you just ask him. And not only that he is what gives me my strenght, optimism and joy despite this disease. Then I concluded talking about Pascal’s God-shaped vacuum theory (how there is a God created God-shaped vacuum in every heart that only he could fill) and how in my life I have been incredibly good at filling that void with everything else (girls, friends, partying, family, success, etc) but God, but now that I have filled that vacuum I finally get life.

The reactions were incredible. Claimed atheists (who two days before started a student group called SAD (students against dogma) to counterattack jesusweek (making signs that say ‘i disagree with kris’)) were amazed and talked to me and the other Christians. Christians who were not doing well were really encouraged. Students who i never thought would come to the talk were touched and amazed by my energy, strength and outlook and are taking another look at their life. They even laughed at my jokes. 🙂 It was great to stay after and hear all of the reactions.

It went so well, and all I can say is that I am humbled to be able to tell my story and be an instrument of God. It’s a pretty cool feeling to say the least. Day to day is an adventure. I never know who I am going to talk to and who I am going to make an impact on. It is just so cool.

So KNOW that you all are making an impact too. By your prayers and thoughts for me, I have been so encouraged and blessed, then in turn I have been able to tell people about the hope I have. You are a bigger part than you ever know.

Thanks for all the card, emails and calls. Everyday is a surprise, and I can’t express my thanks to y’all. Know that you are making an impact.