August 13, 2000

August 13, 2000|

Hi everyone!

Well, the day has finally arrived, and tomorrow I finally become an official breadwinner. Yes, I start work tomorrow.

Briefly, though, I’ve been in New York City for three weeks. In that time I have

  • rested up,
  • read like a thousand books,
  • learned how inept New York utilities people are,
  • drank about a million protien shakes, e
  • xplored almost the whole island of manhattan on foot, subway and bus (the latter I am most proud of learning),
  • driven to DC for my fourth friend wedding of the summer ( got one more this year, one next year, my medium brother! its like the flu, everyone’s getting married! :))
  • discovered how expensive this city is ( 1 lbs. of turkey breast = $8.56 (on sale! I didnt buy it, yeah tuna!)
  • paid 3 bucks a day to check my email at a cybercafe down the street because our phone is out of service and verizon/bell atlantic is on strike
  • found a GIANT picture of myself and my high school performing group singing at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in 1995 hanging at the visitor center at the Macy’s on 34th and 7th ( I am at least a foot and half tall)
  • saw alan calder (the voice guy) from the letterman show walking out of a coffee shop


  • saw NSync leaving their hotel the day after their big HBO concert ( I didn’t mean to be there, it was all a conincidence, I swear! It was just me and a thousand screaming high school girls, but it was all a coincidence, I swear! And that NSync shirt, I dunno how it got on me…)

But on the more serious note, healthwise, everyday I feel a little better. It’s like waking up, like I did today, and I could swallow without feeling the ball of pain go down. So every morning is a new day of healing, which makes waking up exciting. I am not 100%, it still takes me like an hour to eat a normal meal, my wind is not even close to where I want it to be, and my hair still hasn’t grown back in the back of my head and on my neck. But no complaints here. Doesn’t a morsal of food go into my mouth without thanking God for having the ability to eat painlessly.

Being that I am not 100%, and as Monday grew closer, I have become more concerned that I will not be able to handle this new jump, especially not having the full facility to eat. I know this is the best time to start, as the hours the next few weeks are not going to be too bad and the workload has been reduced since its peak in July. So I just ask that, if you can, send a prayer up on Monday for me; that I would have the energy and strength to work and that I would be 100% healed soon. Hey, it’s worked before, it should work now. So thanks in advance, I’ll keep you informed on how it goes.

I still have two more doctor appointments this fall to determine my status. After all I’ve been through, if any cancer cells made it, I’ll give them a pizza party. Those buggers would have to be like supermen cells. Break out the kryptonite 🙂

Anyway, I’ll send another epistle/update/microsoftart 5.6, later on when I have more info on the appointments and how work goes. Have a great day, and stay away from hoards of screaming high school girls, and especially the lone single white twenty-two year old in the middle of them ( it was a coincidence, I swear!).