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Nearly three years after my last effort to purge the memories page of spammers, I have built this blog thingie for posting your memories.  To post a memory, just add a comment to this post.

I was able to preserve most of the older memories, and they are below.

You can also send an email to (subject: Memories) and it will be posted as a blog post.

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  1. Hello Canning Family!

    This is Michelle Fleming, I went to West with Billy. I’m thinking about you often and hope you are well. I still miss Art. He was such a sweet, talented and helpful soul. I admired him so much!

    1. Michelle,
      Thank you for remembering us. February is a tough month. Art was diagnosed in February and he died in February. We have lost others in February. We all have one hope-Jesus and His Resurrection. I would never bet against it. Billy is doing well. Three boys- Freddy age 8, James age 6, and Charlie age 2. Another one is on the way. We watch the boys. I remember you. You were a really nice girl with a great smile. God Bless.

  2. Thinking of Art tonight. Don’t know why he entered my thoughts on this particular night, but he did. Whenever I have thought of Art, I immediately remember his bright outlook and his contagious positivity. Art and I were Wharton classmates. And at the time of his initial diagnosis, we were partners in a class on negotiations. I remember our first negotiation exercise. Both of us wanted to perform well, but neither of us wanted to take advantage of the other person. It was the kindest negotiation I’ve ever been a part of. He was such a good man.

    1. That was such a nice comment. It is deeply appreciated. Our world needs cooperation and integrity. We hope you are doing well. Where do you live, where do you work? Twenty-one years sure went fast. God Bless!!! Yours in Christ,
      Fred and Diane Canning

    1. Rose,

      Thanks for remembering Art. God is blessing us with new treatments for leukemia and lymphoma. art was in a clinical trial for t-cell therapies and monoclonal antibodies. Today these things are helping many other cancer patients. I don’t recal you, old age memorary. God bless.l

  3. Hi Canning family,

    I’m not sure if I had the honor of meeting you when both Art and I were in school – I was a grad student, however, I want you to know that he touched my life. (I’m sure you hear that a lot.)
    I was just organizing websites of old friends and I found Art’s website. I checked it to see if it was still active and found the new memories page.

    I’m from Glendale Arizona and attending school in Philadelphia was my first move away from home, but Art helped me adjust through his love of sports. He loved the Pirates, and we talked about going back to his hometown to watch a game together but never did, figuring we’d get around to it sometime.

    The Pirates are playing good ball this year, and whenever I hear about the Pirates, they remind me of Art, and the way he touched my life, like he did for so many people.

    Good luck to the Pirates this year. Thank you Canning family!

    My best regards.

    Joe Martinez

    1. Joe,

      Thanks for the post. We hope everything is going well for you. It is fun to see the Bucs winning again. When Art was 12 we went to see the Bucs play the Braves on a cold , damp Sunday night. Bob Walk pitched and the Bucs won. I got home about 1 in the morning and had to get up at 5 to go to work. They lost that series to the Braves and didn’t get into the playoffs until 20 years later. What a great and memorable night. When God gives us the opportunity to do something special with family and friends etc., be bold and do it. Life is short and precious-don’t waste it sleeping. God Bless!!!

      Yours in Christ,

      Fred Canning

  4. Hi Canning Family,

    I just wanted to let you know that Art has been on my mind and my heart the last couple of weeks, as I’ve been helping raise money for the Pan Ohio Hope Ride. My heart is so full reading about the ways he continues to touch lives through you and the foundation, and I praise God for that!

    1. Thanks for your efforts in the battle against cancer. This is a battle that is bigger than any one person. Art’s Foundation continues to help those battling this disease. Even in our new home in Georgia, we are finding people battling this disease. God continues to provide funding for the Foundation, it is quite amazing. We hope you and your family are doing well. God Bless!!! Yours in Christ,

      Fred Canning

  5. February is a tough month for us. Not only did we lose Art, but several other family members and friends have died during February. The good news is that the Art canning Foundation is still going strong-God supplies the money, I write the checks. We have donated more than $50,000 to date. Without Art’s battle, none of this would have happened. Paul has it right in Romans 8:28. All things do work for good for those who love the Lord. Have a great Easter and remember- never bet against the Resurrection.

  6. I woke up this morning thinking about Art. I suppose the month of February always makes me think of him. He was a big part of Marc and I getting together. Such a special friend. He had to miss our wedding because he was still in isolation post stem cell, he faithfully listened to the wedding over the phone (back then we didn’t have skype and face time;). As soon as we got in the limo after the reception, we called him. He was so gracious and happy for us, one of our biggest cheerleaders. I know if he were still with us, our kids would call him Uncle Art and he’d still be a big part of our family. I have so many memories- holding his hand while he got his ear peirced, practical jokes he and Patrick played on Marc that I got the behind the scenes glimpses of, cd’s of great songs he made for me…such a good sport, he and I even recorded “Hit me baby one more time” at Cedar Point…I still laugh when I pull it out. I so look forward to jammin’ with him in heaven. I bet he’s up there working on some kickin’ choreography and choral numbers. Miss him regularily- time goes on, but the void he left doesn’t get any smaller.

  7. We are one of those families that you have helped. WE feel so blessed for your donation at such important times in our life. It was like you knew what was going on and knew exactly when to send your assistance. Angels among us!!! Thank you so much.

    Kim and Matt Laret
    Parents of Quentin Laret (Neurofibromatosis 1/rt side plexiform of head and face)

  8. Hi Frank,

    Glad to see you still maintaining the page. I hope all is well with you and the family. Please send my regards to your parents.

    My memorial message is gone, but I honestly don’t remember what I posted way back in 2004. I am reminded of Art from time to time, especially when I see a Steelers fan here in Southern California. As a high school teacher, I always share his story with my students as an example of human courage, spirit, and faith. They are always in awe of the heart and dedication he poured into those last years. This is the 8th generation of students to hear his story, and there will be many, many more to come. Thanks Art for being an inspiration, rival, and friend. I’ll keep the candle burning.

    1. Kimberly,

      It was nice reading your post. I’m very proud of you. I remember you from Chaney. That was a very fine high school. Interesting how you ended up in souther California. You never know where Christ will take you in this life. Art’s Foundation has donated more than $50,000 to individuals and families dealing with serious health issues. Funny how tragedy often brings blessing. God Bless you in your teaching and never bet against the Resurrection.

      Yours in Christ,

      Fred Canning

      1. Fred and family, I hope you all are well… it has been many years since I have been able to visit Youngstown. I owe your family a great debt as well as a few others who helped me make it through a difficult time of life.

        Blessings to you all,

        John and family

  9. Dear Art, I have lots to say, but i guess it all boils down to the fact that I miss you. I know you are in a better place, and i can’t wait until we meet again, but until that time, I hope you know how much you mean to me.

  10. I still think of you all the time. Always in the month of February. 2 reasons, really. This year, I thought of you more than ever as I fought my own battle with cancer. It looks like I’m winning. And I know that you were with me the whole time. Still miss you.

    1. Lois,

      I wish you the best in your battle. Even when in remission, there are the check-ups etc. While we miss Art, we trust in the Resurrection. Christ has everything under control. Some in our world mock faith etc, but I would be lost without it. Art’s Christian friends were awesome in supporting him. You hang in there and never quit fighting. The things I learned from Art’s battle have changed my life forever. If you have cancer, I am your friend. Need blood, I give. Need a few bucks, the Art Canning Foundation sends it. God Bless!!!

      Yours in Christ,


  11. In the fall of our freshmen year at Chaney I found myself in the all too familiar position of sitting in the vice-principal’s office waiting for swift and severe justice when in walks a weeping and clearly frustrated Art Canning. I had been aware of Art before but this was our first face to face meeting. My snooping would reveal to me that he was tied up and gagged by a gang of upper-classmen for refusing to stop talking… While I found this mildly amusing I sincerly felt for Art and began contemplating ways to make the situation right. Roughneck that I was; when Art returned to the waiting area I offered to ‘have a talk’ with the responsible parties and see to it that they no longer bother him….ever. His response would define our relationship for the next half-decade. he exclaimed ‘Violence won’t solve anything!’ in perhaps the most condesending tone I had ever heard. I sat across from him in silence stunned at the kind of guts it would take to say this to me…and the nerve considering that in my mind I was offering help. Had the circumstances been a teaspoon different being tied and gagged would have been the least of Art’s problems that morning… but i choose Art’s high road and simply sat there waiting for my turn with Mrs. Hopkins. From that point it seems that Art and I clashed about just about everything…Girls, religion, politics(although we were both strongly right wing), music, style etc… We stood as bipolar opposites. he the goal-oriented over-achiever, and I the sardonic slacker. He the Christian soilder and I the antagonistic atheist. He was a Youngstown connection member, while I played in decadent Rock bands. He was celibate by choice while I ..well I didn’t really put out then…but I could have. But as a grown man when I contemplate these squabbles I conclude that they resulted from our similarities more then all the aformentioned differences. And that I learned so much about what kind of person I wanted to be from my observations of Art. And all of this was before is struggles. And in illness and ultimatley death Art raised the bar and set a shining example of courage and faith. While we were never friends I miss him and hope that in the hereafter when I finally arrive that we can have one last lightsabre duel… and I’ll finally give him those guitar lessons he asked me for…:-)

  12. Although you are gone from this world, I know that I will see you again in Heaven. You were an inspiration, to girl trying way to hard to fit in. I’m not that wreck that I once was. Because of your courage, I well actually, JESUS found me. I got saved 3 years ago. My number 1 focus is serving the Lord. Praise God!! To all of my former classmates, I wish you all the best in life and the love of Jesus. So many of you had a very positive influence in my life.God bless you all! Love Regina Jurick (soon to be Pritchard:-) )

  13. Though I never claimed to know you well, I’m glad that I did cross paths with you. I’m not going to lie and say that I think of you every day, because frankly, we didn’t have that kind of relationship, but you do cross my mind fairly often. I am proud to have known you, Art.

  14. Wow, Art. It is still hard for me to believe that you are gone. I look at your pictures on this website and I think, ‘It really can’t be true.’ But the Lord in His infinite wisdom knows better than we do, so I am still learning to trust Him. Art, you are indeed an inspiration for a generation. Miss you, kiddo.

  15. Art,

    I am going to be in a marathon. I know.. it is a bit shocking, but I am training for it now. I am part of Team in Training and we are raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma society. Most of the money raised will go to research. My mom is doing the Marathon too. I am so proud of her! I think she is going to beat me in the end. She is turning 60 years old this September and as you know she is a cancer survivor of more than 15 years.
    What a perfect way to celebrate life!

    I am running this marathon in memory of you. I still think of you often. Every time I train (in this Alabama heat, by the way 😉 I think of you. Thank you for your friendship, your inspiration, and most of all your service to the Lord. Everyone that knew you was blessed.

    Love always,

  16. Art was one of the most amazing people i have ever had the pleasure of meeting. His kind words and thoughtful expression still fills my head. I miss him. I’m walking in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life and lighting a luminary for him. Art truly inspired me. He always took the time to email me, and he always had an ear to listen. We would trade stories back and forth. When he visited Chaney, he stopped by with a hug and encouragement. I kept telling him we had to hang out when i was in NY. We both happened to be at the today show’s amy grant concert…neither one of us realized it until he saw our sign and made his way through the millions of people to find a friend standing in the middle of the crowd. I still have the picture of us there together, with half of his head cut off and ‘i love matt lauer’ written in marker on my forehead. It’s funny because back when Billy was a senior taking yearbook pictures at a dance he said that me and dave gohlke broke his camera. Either way, i think those pictures still came out. Mr. Canning has also been a great source of inspiration to me- thank you for all those long talks! I have wonderful memories of art and of his family. My thoughts and prayers are with your family always!

  17. The last I was able to see of Art was one week before he passed. I wish I could have been there sooner to see him in better spirits. He is truly missed by many others and myself. No more can he be troubled with pain, sickness or sorrows, but only the beautiful presence of the Lord.

  18. Art I only knew you in passing. Our chance encounters in highschool. We shared the same friends and the same hometown. It has been two years, but I want to say I can only hope to have lived as you lived. To be the person you were and walk with God as you have. I can only fathom the strength you had came from your insurmountable faith. May I one day have that same faith. Your life has effected me in a way you will never know. May your family have peace and know that even today your words live on and make changes in many hearts.

  19. I had a memorable dream last night for a few reasons.

    First, I usually don’t recall my dreams, ever. Second, in this dream, I spoke with someone who had direct contact with Art. I wanted to talk to Art directly but wasn’t allowed to. The person said that Art is doing well and that I would see him again one day soon enough. For some reason, it sounded like Art was hanging out in a balmy, beautiful place like Florida, chilling out and loving life!! Third, I felt like I was talking with someone who knew Art now and the message communicated to me was in line with the sorts of things Art had said to me when we were students together at Penn and afterwards.

    Anyway, this person has a message for me from Art….stop living in fear. I was taken back…what the?!…and who the heck are you?!

    What struck me about this dream was that it felt so real…Art’s words are timely as I prepare business school applications and start a new chapter in my life. I was reminded that Art was always great at identifying key issues and coming up with solutions.

    Anyway, it seems like Art is doing just fine, hanging out with Jesus.

  20. We remember Art as a youngster he was known then as Artie. Art spent a lot of time at our house just like we spent a lot of time at there house on Cascade drive. We remember the great games we had such as army building forts playing football and hanging out on the corner waiting for the school bus. My mothers fondest memory of Art, Frank and Bill was when Christopher Tyrrell was born and big brother Steve went up the street to round up the gang to see his little brother. the Canning boys as well as Jamie and Marc all came to see the new baby. The next thing you knew was that the boys put the babys chair down on the ground and they formed a circle around the baby and they watched He-man at that time the cartoon to watch together.
    Art was always the leader of the group helping to boys to play fair and to get along. He as well as his brothers spent many of birthday parties with Steve Tyrrell while on Cascade drive. Those certainly were the days and we will always cherish the memories of the children Artie, Frankie, Billy Canning, Marc and Chris Moschella and Jamie Wilson along with Steve Tyrrell spending many days and hours together at each others home. Who would ever think that the simple things like a plastic sandbox, and a plastic pool with a plastic sliding board would keep these little guys entairtained for hours. I am sure they all have memories of the old neighborhood. We certainly missed the boys when they moved away but we will always have those warm and heart felt memories of art and his brothers growing up.

  21. Recently in our bible study we have been learning about the Gospel in the city. The take-home message is that people in a city are one of 2 types: those who use the city to advance themselves, and those who embrace it. Art definitely fell into the latter category. He was quick to emrbace the multicultural and diverse aspects of NYC, and he knew so much (and earnestly wanted to know more) about different cultures. One silly memory comes to mind . . . I complained that an Iranian barber did a poor job cutting my hair.

  22. Art; you have endured the race and taken hold of the prize. while I continue the course. Remember the great spaghetti dinners we used to have at Indianola church? Felix Carosella prepared the sauce which was a work of art. The lucky ones would sometimes get a whole pork chop when he dipped on the sauce. I think he would be a good person to supervise the sauce for a big spaghetti dinner at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. I have been telling some of my friends who might understand me that I would like to be seated next to Methuselah. He lived so long he knew Adam and also Noah. Who better to fill me in on all the N.T. Saints. Well, Art; if you would be permitted, save me a seat. See you there. CHUCKH

  23. We have only known Art for the last 3 years and most of the time we were in Bible study groups. His belief and faith in God was so moving that it helped us to become stronger Christians. More then once we layed hands on Art and prayed for healing, when the truth be known, we were the ones being healed. There in no doubt that God’s plan was for Art to touch us and help us to trust our Lord for everything.

    God bless Art’s family and friends.

    Jim and Pam Guido

  24. it’s hard to believe that art is gone. art and i and a number of our friends from high school played basketball on a daily basis at my house. i could always count on art to be there when i was trying to round up guys to play. but then again you could count on art for anything. thinking about those days playing basketball i can’t think of him as anything less than an energetic healthy young man. art an i were members of the young republicans and as freshmen in high school we made the road trip to see the first president bush and at the time governor clinton in a debate on the campus of Michigan State. Those are the two things i think about when i think of art. basketball and the debate. and when i spoke to his parents after his passing those were the first two things they brought up to me. funny how his parents and i saw things in those terms. but it made me feel good. my best friend pat grossen grew up on art’s street. he passed away 5 years ago. he and art were also friends. so i’m sure those basketball games have resumed. art you can take him inside, you’re taller. we miss you

  25. Art may have lived on this earth for only 25 years but he made as big an impression on me as someone who might have lived three times longer. He packed more into a day than anyone I know. This fervency for life and for people was infectious. Whether in person or through his posts he radiated a joy and hope that made me regard the little challenges I faced as not worth fretting about. Most of all his love for Jesus Christ and the seamless way in which that relationship was evidenced in all that he did was unusual it its consistency regardless of who he was with or where he was. He lived passionately, authentically, and I for one am better for knowing Art. I will miss him greatly but look forward to the great reunion with him in the future.

  26. The first time i met Art was at Penn, and he kinda was this huge whirlwind that quickly passed me. Art was always on the run with his palm strapped to him, but no matter how crazy his days were he always greeted me with a smile. Although we weren’t close friends, from the interactions i had with him through giving weekly tours of Penn’s campus and being an RA with him, i could see how much he loved life and how he spent every moment reflecting God’s love. He really cared for his residents both physically and spiritually and I could see how God used him to touch so many people. My prayers go out to the Canning family and I pray that through Art’s life that God may continue to be glorified. Art, I’ll always miss your thirst for life and the passion you had for your family, friends and God.


  27. when i think of art, i think of him like a ray of sunshine piercing through dark clouds. he was such a great guy. i will always remember the time i went with irene to visit him at sloan kettering and what an amazingly gracious and funny host he was despite feeling weak and tired. he is someone who loved the Lord and loved people deeply and it showed. even during the hardest of times, he always returned emails. even though i didn’t know him as well as others, his testimony and updates made a really deep impact on me. he lived such a beautiful life. i’m glad he’s at home now with Christ, enjoying all the answers, loving and being loved, doing everything he wanted to do…

    in Christ,
    Penn class of 2000
    Shanghai, China

  28. It is with great sadness to hear of Art’s passing. It is through knowing Pat Schlatter’s family through wrestling, that I heard of his illness. My Sunday School Class and many friends had Art on their prayer lists. We, as believers have that hope of Heaven and a great reunion day with Art and all our loved ones gone before. My love and prayers are with you at this sad time. In His Love, Carolyn

  29. When I first met Art in smallgroup in Courtnery’s apartment back in winter 2002, I thought he was a movie star. He definitely had a talent to lead: he was articulate, clear about God’s message, and so enthusiastic and open to listening. And who else would have his own webpage and have a foundation named after him? But after I went to his webpage and read all his letters and testimonies, I finally understood. At a time when I couldn’t let go of some things in my life, I learned so much from Art who allowed the Lord to work through his cancer, his suffering, and his life to teach others the value of allowing God to take control. And through it all, Art was transparent and so willing to share and give to others. What a wonderful and awesome man of faith!

  30. Although I didn’t know Art that well I always felt we had a connection. When I sent him an email about a year ago to tell him I was teaching music, he said I knew you wanted to be Mr. Huges. He cracked this joke amist being in pain. That sums up Art Canning. Always wanting to make other people laugh! I know that Art is in a better place, and one day i will see him again, and he’ll say.I told you, you wanted to be Mr. Huges!! Miss Art but please don’t morn Art because he is truly in a better place, he’s smiling and singing.

    Good Bless,
    Sylvester Delaney Patton III

  31. i am so saddened to hear of art’s passing. as you know, he was my very first patient at memorial sloan-kettering cancer center, but over the years became more than a friend. he was an inspiration who taught me to be a better doctor and person. he would remind me why i went to medical school, and helped me see how insignificant the frustrations of internship and residency really were. he showed me that to take the extra few minutes, to explain why a certain treatment was being suggested and what the ramifications could be, might make all the difference in the world to a patient and/or his/her family. but most importantly, by example, i learned that sometimes it’s more important to sit at a patient’s bedside and hold a hand than be prompt to morning rounds; a lesson that i try to teach to my residents, interns and medical students so that they will be more compassionate physicians and people. we all know that he was someone so special and although his body is no longer with us, his thoughts, spirit, soul and teachings will live on through us all.

  32. art was one of my mom’s former students. he always was trying to make plans to take out me and my brother for anything we wanted to do. since i was in first grade art was always someone that i looked up to. even when he was in new york he always took the time to talk to me and email me no matter how busy he was, or how sick he was. everyone that met him knew him for his charm and love for the people around him. he was a brave, strong person, and will be missed by so many people, even ones that he didnt know. we will always remember the lessons he taught us, and his amazing spirit. he was one of the greatest people i have ever met in my life. and im sure there are many others who feel the same way.

  33. i have many fond memories of Art, which date back to when i was working at as an associate pastor at the church he attended when he was studying at Penn. His energy was undeniable and infectious. One of the things i enjoyed about Art was the humor he shared with me, as well as his willingness to talk about the deep things of his life. We had many enjoyable lunches at The Castle. The courage he demonstrated in facing his disease inspired me in many ways, and it was a blessing every time i spoke with him. One night we sat on my front porch and talked for a long time about the importance of living our lives in line with the truth of the Gospel; in accordance with the call of scripture. There was Art, diagnosed with a disease which could have caused him to lose heart, speaking with urgency about living right. i did not know Art as well as many others, but i enjoyed him and will miss him.

  34. Two back to back semesters of Religious Studies courses hit the top of my charts of memories that I have of Art. We spent many a day hanging out at The Castle, his frat, before or after that days class or recitation.

    Of course, I was always trying to talk him out of going to class, but of course, that would not do! Patrick, we have to go to class, we just must. No more arguments. Besides, it’s in my schedule on my Palm Pilot.

    Towards the end of that time, he learned of a couple of kidney stones that led to him discovering his cancer. He had started sending out some mass emails and then told me that he knew there was a larger audience out there and thus was born.

  35. I ran into Art’s mother the other day at the grocery store. I had seen her in passing, but I hadn’t had a chance to talk to her. Then I looked up in line and realized I was standing behind her at the check out. It was great to see her, but it jarred me into the realization that it had been nearly three years since Art passed away. Even if I get caught up in my own journey, I definitely want to keep remembering the bright spot in my life that was and is Art Canning.

    Mrs. Canning also let me know that Frank and his wife had recently welcomed a son into their family. Congratulations to you; I think that Micah Arthur Canning has a wonderful namesake. God Bless.

  36. I was just doing a search on old WHOT dj’s that I worked with and came across this site. What a SHOCK! Art and I were interns at Hot-101 back in the summer of ’97. We spent many late-night hours at the station dreaming of our future in the radio… I remember Art was thinking of the name ‘AJ Cannon’ for his on-air personality. I am so sorry for the family and friends that lost him. He was a good man.

  37. Art,
    I’ve been missing you and my college roommate, who also fell prey to lukemia shortly after you did. Thank you for your generosity and thoughtfulness as it is not forgotten.

  38. On August 24th 2007, I got married. This year will be 2yrs married. I love being married! We are currently expecting our first child, a girl. I am 5 months pregnant. I never thought I’d see the day when I would be happily married and pregnant! I hope all of my former Chaney classmates are as happy and blessed, as my husband David, and I are! God Bless Everyone!

  39. i still think of you all the time. When I was moving,I found the teddy bear that you gave me from London, the candy graham that you addressed to Lois Lane.I found all of the wonderful keepsakes that reminded me of the time that we shared and how special it was. I am so sad that you’re gone. But, I am lucky to hae the wonderful memories that I do.

  40. There isn’t a day that goes by that i don’t think to myself, Art would have made more use of his time; better use of his life than me. Every day, I am inspired to achieve more and try harder: to be a better friend, a better christian, a better worker, someone who makes an impact all becuase of Art and his impact on me.

  41. Our 10 year reunion was last week. Art was there is everyone’s stories and memories. Many toasts were raised and even a few tears shed as we remembered our friend and vowed never to forget what we’ve learned from his battle.

  42. i didn’t know Art very well, but i did spend some time with him. and he made me feel good – like he cared about me, he even gave me a nick name. if he were here now i’d want to tell him that i’m a researcher now and that i study the causes of B-cell lymphomas. and that i’m working hard.

  43. art, you are my inspiration. i thought about you today… of the pain you endured and the hope you give to so many… may my life reflect your strength.

  44. Dear Art,

    I have really been missing you over the past couple of weeks. Your memories are strong and dear to my heart. I was Christmas shopping over the weekend and I was moved to tears when I stumbled across a snow globe of NYC. It reminded me of the last time we were together. I miss you.

    Merry Christmas Art.

  45. I wasn’t the closest with Art but we often talked in school, soccer, and parties. He was an amazing person who touched the lives of many people and continues to do so.

  46. Art, I never had the pleasure of meeting you or even knowing of who you are. But somehow are worlds collided when my at the time 4 yr old got cancer and your parents sent Josef a donation for him. I remembered the day we recieved your first donation and we thought wow how generous, I wonder who Art Canning is? To be fair to me my grandfather’s name is Art so I intially thought that it was somebody’s grandfather who past away from cancer and was completely affected by that person’s passing. And then Josef had his benefit given by the fire department and once again the first person we heard who was so willing to give to Josef was once again The Art Canning Foundation. At that point my husband and I were determined to find out who Art Canning was. I was so saddened to hear of your passing you are so amazing, inspirational and loving. While the weeks get longer with Josef’s chemo and my daughter Haley needing surgery I had to admit that I was shrinking into a complete hole of depression and sorrow for my children. I want you to know that you were a huge impact on me. Your words, letters and positive atttitude really made me feel shammy shammy. I knew from the beginning that GOD was working through Josef as a instrument for not only us but for other people. When I listen and hear your words it’s like having you right next to me understanding exactly what we are feeling. When I heard that you had seen Dr. Moskowitz I started smiling because his son had done his residency rotation in our office and Craig who was named after his dad was an amazing kid. Then I read that you saw Dr. Kinsella the same physician Josef is seeing I thought wow what a small world. You know he is rated the best radiologist/oncologist at the Ireland Cancer Care Center. This weekend has been really emotionally, mentally and spirtually exhausting on me. I never really had this much grief in me but you helped to bring me back to GOD and hope and love and the promise of purpose. You truly are a treasure I completely understand your purpose and GOD’S purpose through you. You may be gone physically but spirtually your Love and complete enchantment for life and people have really brought me to reality. I hate the saying ‘The good ones always go first’, but I am beginning to see that and understand that statement. You were not only a good one but one of the Best ,he knows what he’s doing. You were so beyond your young years and still 1 1/2 year later your still teaching about life. That’s no mistake my friend, thank you, thank you, thank you for that simple lesson that I and many people have a hard time grasping. MAY GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU IN HIS HEAVENLY ARMS!

  47. Art, I never had the pleasure of meeting you or even knowing of who you are. But somehow are worlds collided when my at the time 4 yr old got cancer and your parents sent Josef a donation for him. I remembered the day we recieved your first donation and we thought wow how generous, I wonder who Art Canning is? To be fair to me my grandfather name is Art so I intially thought that it was somebody’s grandfather who past away from cancer and was completely affected by that person’s passing. And then Josef had his benefit given by the fire department and once again the first person we heard who was so willing to give to Josef was once again The

  48. It is hard to believe it has been over a year since Art has been gone. So often as friends we let time past without talking, but there is always the thought that they are always just a phone call away. I often find myself reaching for my cell phone and wishing I could get his advice or hear one of his cheesy jokes:) Art was an Amazing Friend, Brother and Humanitarian. Even though it has been well over a year since his passing, I rest easy knowing God has an Amazing angel named Art, by his side. My brother, you are sincerely missed, but never forgotten!!!

  49. I`m an 8th grader at Hayes Middle School.I`m in the Early College Program. We read a book on Art`s life and how he dealt with cancer. After getting to read some of it I have a new respect for people with cancer. I wish the best for your family and I hope to read the rest of the story.

  50. I have read some things about you and found out that no matter how bad a position you’re in there is always somebody who is in a worse position. This story made me realize that I shouldn’t complain as much as I do. It also made me take my health a lot more seriously.

  51. I’m an 8th grader at Hayes Middle School. I’m in the Early College Program. We ha been reading a book called ‘Where There’s a Will There’s a Web Site’. I had a death in my family four years ago. The book made me reflect on it because this person was ill for a long time.I’m glad I read it.

  52. My name is Briana. I am an 8th grader at Hayes Middle in Youngstown Ohio. The way that I got to reading this book was by this Early College Program. I really did like what I have read in this book. It was and still is very inspiring to hear that someone would share their disease and how they struggled through the problems that they had to go through. If I had that same disease or any other kind of disease I don’t think that I would have been able to keep my strength up like he did. I am glad that I got to read this book.
    Briana Carter

  53. Hi my name is D’Aaron. I go to Hayes Middle School. I’m attending the Early College Program. Art Canning’s book was one of the books we had to read. Well we actually didn’t read it we just skimmed through it. From what I read it was very touching to me. The book has changed the way I feel about people with cancer. Even though I only read a little bit of the book it was good. He was a very nice person. He still stayed strong through the whole experience. He wasn’t like many other people that knew they had cancer. He was still humorous about things and he did normal everyday things.

  54. I am an 8th grade student at Hayes Jr. High School in Youngstown,Ohio. I am part of an EarlyCollegeProgram.
    When I first scanned through the book and discussed it, I kind of thought, based on his disease and what he went through Art was a strong and courageous person. I wish I could’ve gotten a chance to really know a person like him. To me he has so many features about him such as caring, thoughtful, generous, unselfish, and he actually kept his nice sense of humor even through the painful process.

    (Best Wishes to the Family)


  55. Hi, My name is Randall. I attend Hayes Middle School in Youngstown, Ohio.
    I will be attending a program Called ”Early College”. We have to read this book and discuss how we feel about the situations that occured in Art’s Battle against Cancer. I really like this book because Art seemed like he didnt let the cancer get him down. He was a strong, unconceited person. We skimmed through some of the stuff that we did not read and alot of the stuff I found was very interesting. The way he described his feelings of how he was worried when his friends were missng made me believe he was unselfish.

    I really like this book and Iam glad to have the honor to read it!

  56. I am reminded of so many memories as I think about Art. As children we grew up one street apart, Art on Cascade Dr. and I on Shelby Rd. We went to elementary school together, that is until that ‘gifted’ kid left and went to West Elementary. We spent our years at Volney Rogers Junior High and two years at Chaney together. Throughout college we kept in contact. I would meet up with him every year at the University of Pennsylvania when I would travel there while running track for Youngstown State. Art and I would rush out to a small corner diner that had ‘real’ philly cheese steaks, one of my favorites. I can recall making home made highlight films in his driveway. One of us would lay on our back while the other would jump off of some old milk crates in order to dunk… I remember Art begining a rigorous routine of calf raises after he couldn’t dunk on Jaminets 8 foot hoop… watching a video and rewinding it a hundred times over at Yazbeks – it was Art in a freshman basketball game diving ten feet out of bounds for a ball that was already in the bleachers… many trips around town in the good old Reliant K… and the list goes on. It’s funny how you remember some of the strangest little things.

    In the world we live in, I don’t think there are many people as TRUE as Art was. He was true to his family, his friends, and most importantly, true to his faith! He was an honest witness. He loved the word and he lived the word.
    On March 21, 2000 Art wrote –
    ‘Getting this cancer was a major blessing….I have learned how loved I am from family, friends and from God – and it is priceless.’
    This was in Art’s very first posting on his website and I will never forget it. I believe that this was the point where God began to use Art as a teacher of the word and an evangelist to so many people that he would never meet. In the four year span that Art carried this disease, he did more for God than most people do in a lifetime. His words, his character, his stance, and his vigor were a testament to the Holy Spirit working through him.

    On January 14, 2001 Art quoted Romans 5:1-4
    ‘ Not only so but we also rejoice in our sufferings because we know that suffering produces perseverance, perseverance, character, and character, hope…..’
    – Art followed that with –
    ‘ God doesn’t make any mistakes. And certainly, this is all here for some AMAZING GOOD, in my life and hopefully in yours too. ‘
    Amen Art! You see, God calls upon his faithful and calls upon his select to be ministers of the word. Art was truly called to be an honest witness of God’s grace, to teach, to evangelize and to be an example of faith to all of us.
    His pulpit was his walk, through faith, and his message was his life.
    I feel impressed to say that God did not give Art cancer. God did not place disease in this world, man’s sin allowed it to enter in. Satan is the originator of disease and as long as we are in these mortal bodies, we are succeptable. God turned Arts battle with cancer into an ‘AMAZING GOOD’ which Art himself talked about above. None of us truly know, or can even imagine, how much good came through Art’s battle.

    Art DID NOT lose his battle with cancer – he won!
    Winning the battle wasn’t a matter of living or dying here on earth, it was a matter of remaining faithful in his calling from God that he may lead others to the Lord, and live eternally in heaven.

    One entry of Arts that had a huge impact on me was on February 28, 2002.
    ‘All of this ‘stuff’ that we deem important in life – fame, riches, success, happiness, work, identity….doesn’t come with us! It’s all stuff that we leave behind here on earth. But the permanent, the thing we should be striving for and doing is love. Yet why do I put those things first many times? It’s much, much easier to pursue the other stuff in life. Love, man, it’s gosh darn hard work. Loving people we are supposed to love, that’s hard. How about loving people we are not supposed to love, that’s even harder. Loving people who are not our age, race, religion, status, that’s the hardest! It’s so much easier to pursue the other stuff. But what’s the point? It doesn’t come with us. It doesn’t make the trip. Well you may be asking, why is that hitting me now? I can’t help but look around my room for the answer. I look at my right wall and I see a quilt with 100some squares made by as many friends, family and co-workers. I look at the wall to my left and see balloons, postcards and gifts. Now those are things that WILL get left behind. But the love behind them, that NEVER WILL. Never.’ ‘…I have come to realize that I need to do what I can and make love my priority here. It’s the only carry-on bag I keep. The rest, it’s all checked-in baggage that gets ‘lost’ in route.’

    I wanted to write all of this, and there is much more, to say that Art Canning was a man who God used to send a message to all of us, and I for one am thankfull. Art surrendered to his calling and made himself available for God to work through him.

    The most important memory I have of Art is the fact that Jesus was the Lord and Savior of his life and that he relied and trusted in God with his life, and in his death.

    I Corinthians 15:58
    Therfore, my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, unmoveable, always abounding in th work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.

  57. He was that spikey-haired kid on the bus who always wore a steelers or A’s cap. Me, him, and Maisa would argue about this and that as we rumbled over the numerous potholes between Kirkmere and West Elementary. He was always defending his Steelers against us Browns fans. I can see him then as clear as the words on this screen. He would atonally break out into a Boys II Men song with index finger bobbing up and down, keeping time for the rest of us singing along. That kid, he was also an academic rival. I remember once he konked me over the head with a book because I beat him in a reading contest. I can see him cracking up at me when I had to dress up in my hambok to show around the Japanese tourists. I remember him running, screaming, from the sauna into the pool while on a school trip in Detroit. He accidentally sat on the hot coals and burnt his bottom. At the Olive Garden, he threw back his head and laughed when i speared a cruton into a nearby plant. I hear his voice, stuttering and sputtering as he got worked up in an arguement. That pigeon-toed smart-aleck kid. He was a good friend.
    And the last time I saw him, a year ago. Alot of the rough edges smoothed out, but he was still the same Art. That ‘Fredrick Arthur Canning the Turd’ I remember. He’s blessed alot of people in his time, just as I believed he would. I knew he would grow up to do something great. As it has always been in our relationship, I’d have to do alot to live up to all the things he’s done in so little time. Thanks Art for being an inspiration and keeping me on my toes. My condolences and prayers go out to his family. God bless.

  58. Now that the initial numbness wore off (when I got the news, I just walked around in a daze in the newsroom), a million memories have come flooding back at me…Art and I in a Shakespeare Sampler, Art, Nick Jaminet, Dave Hageman and I having spirited political discussions in the back of Ms. Bruno’s journalism class, how Art didn’t have enough of a criminal mind to put together a decent Senior Scavenger Hunt (but I did!)…
    I write for a Web site with some friends from our college newspaper…this is pretty well what I had to say:

  59. The following is an excerpt from my website, in which I post daily journal entries. I took the opportunity today to write briefly about my old friend Art…

    >>>| march 13, 2004 |

    I’d like to pay my respects to an old friend of mine who passed away late last month.

    Art Canning lost his battle with cancer (non-Hodgkins lymphoma) at the age of 25 after a 4 year battle. It’s been about 6 years since I last saw Art; right before I left Youngstown to take a job at Star 104 in Erie was probably the last time we had the chance to hang out. Radio is funny in that way; you find yourself moving around the country trying to move up the ladder of the biz, and in turn losing touch with a lot of friends. Art was an intern at WHOT back in 1997/98, and during that time, we became good buds; myself, Art, and Mike Thomas/Jagger were always up to no good back then! Shortly before I left for Erie in late ’98, Art had moved to go to school in Philedelphia (University of Pennsylvania) and to get a degree in business. He kept a foot in radio as an intern at Y-100, the modern rock station in Philly. After being diagnosed with cancer, he moved back home to the Youngstown area to be with his family and fight the disease.

    He was a great friend, a wonderful person and someone who I will miss dearly.

    You can learn more about Art by visiting his website which tells of his battles with his disease as well as his life that he lived to it’s fullest despite it.<<< It's great to see this forum and read entries from all the people who's lives Art touched. What a wonderful testament to his memory. Art will truly be missed. My deepest sympathies to the Canning family.. Kasper 96-5 KISS FM Cleveland

  60. Art was a tremendous friend, and that was evident by his many friends. He gave so much of his time talking with them, celebrating with them, and encouraging them. He was the type of guy that you always enjoyed being around because of his energy and love, and he always had time for his many friends. He gave without regard to his own time, and he didn’t care so much what he could get from someone, accept another relationship. People were so important to him, and that was so obvious by the number of friends that came from all over the country to his funeral. I will miss Art. I will miss the times we spent talking about anything and everything, but mostly girls. I was blessed to have him be part of my life for the past eight years, and I look forward to the day when I’ll see him again in Heaven. Maranatha!

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