80, Baby

November 14, 2000|

80, Baby

So I go to visit Dr. Yahalom yesterday, my new radiation oncologist. It appears that radiation is going to be put on my calendar. So Dr. Yahalom quickly peddles into the room followed by two croonie doctors and briefly goes over my regimen. And then he says something to the effect of “You’ll be fine. 80% or so of young guys like you make it through fine and are in remission.” I thought he said 80%. So I asked, “Did you say 80%??? Dr. Moskowitz and the material I read said 36%.” He answered, “Old data. New data from last week. Over 80% of patients like you who do radiation and the stem cell are in remission. You’ll be just fine.” I was in total shock. 36% vs. 80%. Big difference, huh? We’re gonna be OK.

102 pups, Michael Eisner and Jack Tripper

This is actually a long long story but I will keep it super short. Yesterday Marc (the guy marrying prayer calendar chief Kim) was in town to see the premier of 102 Dalmatians at Radio City Music Hall, through his company, Quaker Oats. Fortunately, he had an extra ticket and pass, so I went along with him. So we saw the movie, and then afterward, just like in People magazine, they had a party to celebrate the opening. The party took place at the restaurant at Rockefeller Center. Tons of celebs were there, free food and alcohol galore, beautiful people everywhere, it was crazy. So somehow Marc and I ended up in the VIP room and stumbled upon Michael Eisner and the stars of the movie. We knew we shouldn’t have been in there, but we played the part well – Marc on his cell phone and me on my new e-mail pager- looking important. That’s the key! If you look like you belong there, no one will throw you out!

After experiencing the star treatment, we went back to mingle with the “peasants” and out there we saw Ivana Trump, the chic from “Wings” and Marc’s hero, John Ritter (the guy in “Three’s Company”). Marc was like, “I gotta meet him! I gotta meet him!” And I was like, “NO! Leave the guy alone! He’s with his kids, he’s eating, LEAVE HIM ALONE!” So we did.

Then, as part of the party deal, we went ice skating with all the celebs and kids at the world famous Rockefeller Center ice skating rink. The ice was spotted with black dots just like a Dalmatian. It was amazing. The pictures, barring any problems like I had today, will be up by Thursday. It was such a cool evening, esp. since I won’t get to do social stuff like that for awhile. And it probably is the last time I’ll see Marc for a long time, since it looks like I won’t be able to go to his wedding because of my new schedule. Sad, but what can he or I do?


So here’s the deal.

This week: chemo at Memorial Sloan Kettering Tuesday-Thursday, then recovering at home.

Next two weeks: recovering

Thanksgiving: maybe in Ohio, maybe in NYC? All on doctor’s orders

First week of December: Radiation planning and simulation

Second and Third week of December: Radiation twice daily on the weekdays (on the lower back, not very difficult, but I will have to work from home)

Fourth week of December: go home to Ohio for Christmas, drive back the following day to start Stem Cell Transplant

Fourth week of January: go back home to Ohio to recover (tentative)

Fourth week of February: go back to New York, get stronger and get ready to go back to work!

Last week of May: CT Scan to determine if I am in remission!

Thanks, y’all. And on a side note, I have been swamped with e-mails, so if I don’t respond immediately it because of sheer volume, not because I don’t love you. I feel like I need a secretary sometimes! Do send the emails though, I will email you back, it just takes time. Thanks again!

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