The Day After

November 18, 2000|

The Day After…

Again, thank you very much, I got confirmation on the 80% deal below from more doctors when I was in the hospital. I grilled them all. 80 sounds so much better than 36, huh?

The actual stay at the hospital isn’t bad, it’s "the day after". I was just beat, and slept like 20 hours that day. The other four was spent trying to extract various forms of chemo liquid out of my body out of whichever orifice was most readily available. A little graphic, I know, but we are all adults here.

Really, for those going through similar situations, "the day after" really is the worst. After that, day by day things get better. For me, I have one more (GIANT) "day after" to endure. Let the countdown begin, ya know.

Nothing eventful here otherwise. Yesterday was spent watching college football the entire day. I couldn’t do much more. I must have seen that "AFLAC" duck 40 times yesterday. If I hear "AFLAC" one more time….

Moby and Michael Jackson

Oh, yeah. I had to shave my head Tuesday. It wasn’t dramatic or anything. Tuesday morning in the shower, I pulled my hand out of my head and I knew it was over. Hair coming out everywhere. Luckily I have two factors in my favor in this fashion risk. A new pair of trendy glasses (despite the fact I need glasses…) and a fashion world that readily embraces baldheads. Randolph, one of my friends who works for May Co. and is Mr. Fashion, in talking to him on Friday, said, "You’ll look like Moby!" Yeah, that’s it! I’ll look like Moby. Moby is a deejay/musician from England who is white, skinny and bald. I think that is an accurate comparison. He’s a pretty good looking guy to boot. I’ll take that comparison! One point for Randy!

By the way, if anybody out there has any good bald tips, hats, etc, please pass them along too. It gets cold up there real quick!

I also, then, mentioned to Randolph that I may need to wear a mask if I go home to Ohio this week when I travel (to stay away from germs). He then said, "You’ll be like Michael Jackson." "Huh?" I snorted. "Yeah, Michael Jackson wears a mask whenever he goes anywhere so he won’t get germs on him or get sick." OK, so Michael Jackson is this musician from Detroit, who is white, skinny and has hair….I’ll just drop that comparison.

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