Back Up!

November 7, 2001|

Back Up!

I am sure you are wondering what happened to the site that past couple days. I was wondering the same thing. I spent days harrassing my web and domain provider, with no answer. Finally, Patrick figured it out. I hadn’t renewed my address. Hypothetically speaking, anyone could have registered these past three days and went bonzonkers. We were fortunate no one else caught the lapse. 🙂 is still available for those who want to go bonzonkers, by they way.

So anyway, yeah, I let my domain name lapse. art = meathead.

If you tried to e-mail me in the past few days, and it bounced back to you, just resend it now, it will work. It should work. My apologies, it won’t happen again, at least not until 2004. 🙂


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