The Floor Has Spoken..

February 14, 2002|

The Floor Has Spoken…

It’s only been five days and the decision was rendered. A few alliances formed, I tripped over my IV tubing during the immunity challenge, and…well…I was booted off the floor. My flame was extinguished. No worries. You’ll hear the whole story on CBS This Morning tomorrow. Letterman the night after.

Just joking! 🙂 Actually, I have been booted off the floor, but for other reasons. There is a shortage of rooms here on the 11th floor and there are excess on the 5th floor. Yep, I’m going to the 5th floor- ahem, the “Pede” Floor…short for Pediatric.

If you are not laughing by now, I don’t know what else to write to make you. I think it is hilarious. I was the youngest patient here on 11, so I am the first to go. I just hope this trend doesn’t continue or we could have forty year olds joining me. I am sure they would thrilled to have a Nintendo in their room along with all of the Barney videos. Me, I am pro-Barney. He’s dealable.

Cheese Sandwiches, Pizza and Ensures

I am just now getting in the groove of living here. One of the many daily adventures revolves around meals. Everyday I receive a paper with my menu choices for the next day. If nothing appeals to my liking, I can write in something. So the past two days I have written in “cheese sandwich.” I was thinking, hmm…a nice grilled cheese with soup, can’t beat that. Instead I erred in my communication and got what I asked for. A cheese sandwich. Two pieces of American singles inside of two pieces of wholesome white bread. I forgot to write “grilled”. Doh! Have you ever tried to eat an ungrilled cheese sandwich? Instead I have feasted on these personal pizzas that I swear they are using in Salt Lake City for hockey pucks. Thank God for Ensure. Mr. Ensure, if you are out there, thank you.

Continuing to do Well

Just to dispel any rumors. I feel great. The docs are amazed that I have had no side effects from the antibodies and chemotherapy. This is actually the best I have felt all 2002. Last month, ugh. Colds, flus, stomach bugs, no sleep. Miserable January. Now, I feel so much better. Goofy booty-shakin’ Art dancing has returned. Me and my Justin Timberlake bobble head, dancing the night away…maybe that’s why they voted me down to the fifth floor…hmmm…

Anyway, thanks for the many responses to my last posting. I do need to clarify some things, though. The main point of what I was writing was to say that me, you, we need not be afraid of taking risks in relationships and love. The joys far outweigh the sadness that could come in any relationship. I wasn’t writing to anybody in particular or any constituency. I just felt that that is an amazing lesson and wanted to share it. It does not by any means imply that I am pulling away or the people are pulling away from me. Instead the opposite is occurring. I am drawing close to SO many more people, as they are doing likewise. It’s awesome. It only took me 24 years and a battle with cancer to fathom it all.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to eat my dinner…dang! Cheese sandwichs again!

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