All accounted for…

September 12, 2001|

All accounted for…

I am relieved to say that fourth roommate Dan is accounted for. He ended up being trapped in his building, which is four blocks from the WTC, the entire time. I am also relieved to say that all of my friends who were in the neighborhood or building were able to get out in time.

Our cell phones just aren’t working here (overloaded system), so don’t try calling. Send emails with questions or concerns.

I don’t know when I will be able to come home to Youngstown. My biopsy was canceled today. I have an appointment with Dr. Moskowitz to discuss next options.

In terms of what I have observed here in the city, it is so eery and strange. I took the subway up to the Upper East Side this morning (and am still here). The subway was quiet. The streets are empty of cars. Only taxis and buses are on the road. People are very quiet and reserved. It’s beyond anything I have ever seen before.

In a way we are trapped here. Many of bridges have finally opened, but the roadways to get there are closed or jammed with roadblocks. Subways are running, but only above 14th Street. It’s just so surreal.

I will try to give updates as I can. Thanks for the e-mails, concerns, and prayers.

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