Chemo Accomplished

September 28, 2001|

Chemo Accomplished

I just want to write a quick note of what is going on here. This past Wednesday I started my latest round of chemotherapy (ProMace-MOPP). I will be doing the first round of treatments in New York City, and if all goes well (translation: nodes shrink, pain decreases), then I will continue the treatment schedule in Youngstown. For now, though, that means driving to NYC next Wednesday and in three weeks. This is a strong regimen of chemo, but definitely manageable. I am currently taking steriods to boost my immune system and in two weeks will start giving myself shots of white blood cells. As for other side effects, I imagine I will become fatigued easier and I might lose my hair come November or December or so. In terms of how long I will be doing this regimen, it all depends. I am guessing at least until Decemember. After that, it’s Bone Marrow time.

Keep in touch and e-mail. Later!

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