Let it snow!

November 22, 2000|

Let it snow!

I write you now as I peer out of the window of my house in scenic Youngstown, Ohio, seeing a shower of snow envelope my front yard, eating homemade applesauce, drinking hot tea and listening to the new Backstreet Boys CD. Yes, these are the moments we all crave, but don’t always get – a chance to go home when we really need it, remembering familiar sites, seeing people you love, and thanking God for the all the blessing that He has given us. It feels good to say the least.

Education 508, don’t fail me now!

I tried my hardest. I did. I pulled out every stop, every technique I had been taught in Education 508: Managing People (termed by Professor Fred Dwyer “how to get whatever you want out of anybody”). I used my finely tuned negotiating skills honed in Peter Himmelfarb’s Management 2 : Negotiations. Nothing worked. So I gave in. Christmas time would be spent in New York doing the Stem Cell Transplant. I guess, though, if you are stuck somewhere at Christmas time, New York would be the place. I got Thanksgiving, so I got a win out of it. Win-win, that’s what it’s all about. Missing Christmas in Ohio and missing Marc and prayer lady Kim‘s wedding is gonna stink, but I am excited to face this next battle head-on and beat it as soon as I can. I gotta lot of traveling to do this next year, a lot of you to visit all over the country, so I gotta be healthy.


I really don’t have any profound or wise words for Thanksgiving, sorry to disappoint (Isn’t the site enough!).

I do know that ever year at every family gathering for my mom’s side of the family, including Thanksgiving, as the oldest male grandson, I have been made to say the blessing before the meal. There is no doubt in my mind I will be called to do it again this year. What will I say? I dunno. I am afraid if I start thinking too much as I am praying I will start crying (is it possible to go through a mid-life crisis at 22? I find myself crying all the freakin’ time!…). Even right now as I write and try to think about what to say, I have no clue. I have 20 hours to work on it…better get to work, there’s just so much to be thankful for, where do I began (sniff, sniff, tear, tear… )…

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