No news is good news

March 25, 2001|

No news is good news

The complaints keep on coming in: “where are your updates, why don’t you update more, I need to procrastinate at work, so give me something to read”

Well, I don’t have much new news to report, interesting stories to divulge or remarkable insights to expound. That makes it a little hard to write something meaningful and worth reading, I feel. That is actually a good thing, though. The less drama the better (at least for my life).

Three weeks to pray everything away

Well, we have three weeks to pray everything away. What does that mean? In three weeks I have about 3,128 tests to determine if Mr. Evil Hodgkin’s has returned. If he hasn’t life goes on. If he has, life goes on, but under new rules. From what I understand, if he comes back, we can no longer try to stop him, we can only hope to contain him. That would probably mean chemotherapy for the rest of my life (most likely shortened life too, 5-6 years). I asked the doctors what would happen next just in case it came back when I saw them Thursday. No one wanted to give me an answer. I think that is the worst answer possible.:) But anyway, we have three weeks to give everything we got, to pray away any remaining evil cells and to pray away any remaining pain. There really is no tomorrow.

As you might then deduce, this is taking a tremendous toll on me emotionally. It is a constant roller coaster ride. Imagining the future is the worst part, and also the most dangerously destructive part. It is hard not to think of the future when much of what I am doing today is so dependent upon it- what projects to do at work, what activities to take part in, what friends to make, etc. All is really dependent upon what happens in three weeks. Scary, scary stuff. Your prayers on that would be appreciated too. That’s the problem with being an emotional character like myself. When you get high, you get REAL high, when you get low, you get REAL low. Someday when I get older I will learn how to even that all out.


A lot of people were really saddened by my last post on death. Well, I didn’t mean to bring people down. Instead I wanted to show them how close death is for ALL of us, and how important it is to live everyday as our last- enjoying it, relishing it, ensuring that all would be well if we were called to leave. I think the mere mention of death sometimes is a real downer. It shouldn’t be. If you know where you are going, then it should be a real upper. I could talk about this more, but I’ll let you think about the difference. If you think it is a downer, think about why you think that, what you were taught, and what you have experienced. E-mail me with thoughts or questions. Me, this may sound morbid, but I can’t wait to get my robe and sing in the choir.

My Spring Break- videos, conferences and getting kicked out of Wal-Mart

The Florida trip was so great. It was nice to get down south, where the girls are pretty, the skies are clear and the WaffleHouses are aplenty. The pictures should be up really soon (C’mon Patrick get them UP!:). The conference rocked, phenomonal music, good speakers, and some beautiful days of weather.

One of the biggest treats was the traditional “creative-date” event. Every year, the guys from Penn always do something special for the girls from Penn at the conference. This year probably took the cake. We decided to make a music video (lip-synching, dancing and all) of LFO’s song “Girl on TV”, filmed in the Wal-Mart electronics department and had the conference organizers put it up on the big screen at the conference in front of 1500 students. We then gave the girls roses after the video played. Later on that night the ladies walked into our condo surrounded by candlelight, rose petals underneath their every step, a delectable dessert buffet with all the trimmings (strawberries with chocolate sauce, can you beat it???) and “When Harry Met Sally” playing on the TV (to give further discussion from a previous discussion on high vs. low maintenance individuals).

To further capture the essence of the week, there is a whole documentary dedicated to the “Making of the Band” and the week in general. Included on it is our getting kicked out of Wal-Mart (no videotaping in the store!), my getting kicked out of Publix Grocery Store (no videotaping in the store!), and general Panama City Beach mayhem (you won’t believe kids these days). If you ever have two hours I will send it for your viewing pleasure.

Your assignment

You have three weeks to pray like you never have before. My life depends on it. Good luck and God speed. And be careful of undercover Wal-Mart police, they are everywhere…

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